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*Do Away With Tantrums!

With This Baby Sign Language 10-Poster Set
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KNOW Exactly What Your Baby Wants and Needs!

Baby Sign Language *10-Poster Set*

  • Talk to your baby two years earlier
  • Immediately understand baby's wants and needs
  • Lessen crying and screaming in public
  • Avoid Terrible Two's
  • Demolish tantrums

Are you worried that your baby is too cold, too hot, hungry, has a tummy ache, or simply wants a diaper change? Your baby can tell you all that and more by simply using these easy-to-follow Baby Sign Language illustrated charts.

No more trying to figure out WHY your baby is crying or screaming (You know the drill...  The exasperation Pointing Thing..  "This?" "This?" "Honey, You want this?" "What is it, Sweetheart?!?"  "Are you tired?" "You hungry?" "Are you thirsty?" "Are you pointing at this?!?")

Hi MJ,

My wife and I did baby signs with both our daughters.

The insights it gave us into how they perceive things was priceless. (I still remember being in Home Depot and my daughter pointing to one of the women who worked there and giving the sign for "bib" because she thought that's what she thought the orange aprons HD employees wear was.)

...It was all about bonding with them more and cutting down on the number of meltdowns they'd have because they could 'tell' us what they wanted.

I'm so glad we did it and I recommend it to all new parents.

Adam K.
St. Louis

*Why is Baby Crying? Ask Her! Rejoice! She Can Tell You!

Gone are the days where you try to feed her, but find she actually has a bellyache! Understand what's going on with your little one and fix it fast!

*You Baby Can Be Understood in Every Daycare or Childcare Facility Nationwide

Our baby signing poster signs are accurate, created by true and native American Sign language signers, so you KNOW you are getting the right signs for your baby. He'll be clearly understood! 

These signs are not made up. These signs are ALL recognized by the standard led by top sign language universities, such as Gallaudet University, NTID, and CSUN.

What's wrong with made up signs?  When you use made-up signs, these are only recognizable by you and your baby. This hurts your chances at finding daycare, baby sitting, and even hospital care, and other child care places who will understand your baby's wants and NEEDS.

*Get Your Baby's Attention Quick! Babies LOVE These Posters, too!

Kids are featured on these posters. Did you know that countless research shows that babies especially love to look at (and respond quickly to) photos and illustrations of other babies!

Not only are these posters featuring babies and children as the signers, they also have fun smiles and emotions that engage your baby every time he looks at the vivid images!

Seeing baby faces on each posters makes it also fun for baby, which brings even more attention to the signs.  Baby likes to see these images, and illustrated photos, so your baby gets excited to sign them, and you get a happier and more contented baby because he can sign these concepts to you, and KNOWS he can trust that you’ll attend to his current wants or needs.

*Find the Signs You Need for Baby Quick - Save Time; Understand What Your Baby Needs FAST!

These posters focus on the signs that babies and children REALLY use and TRULY need. These posters are arranged by activity, so that it's easier to find that sign you're quickly looking for. 

This way, you can respond to their needs that much sooner, without going through pages and pages (or videos) of 800 signs, when all you need is just the ONE important sign NOW for QUICK understanding of your baby!

Also because these signs are categorized by the related activity, it's easy to place each chart in the room that corresponds to your daily activities

*Build Trust With Your Baby!

Knowing the specific differences in baby's types of discomfort and health needs makes a huge difference in their lives.  Your baby will trust you even more, knowing that she or he can tell you exactly what she wants, which lowers frustration IMMEDIATELYBaby knows that you won't have to guess if she's wet, if she is tired, which type drink he thirsts for, nor will you have to guess if she desires the closeness from nursing that she needs. This type of unspoken bond is unbreakable.


Word synonyms are also noted on each poster, for boosting your baby's growing vocabulary even further and faster than typical babies!

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*Bring These Posters On the Go!  Easily Access Via Your iPad, iPod, iPhone or Android Device!

These specially made baby sign language posters even work on your favorite mobile device!  Get beautiful, CLEAR resolution posters on your iPad*, so you can bring ANY sign with you for when YOU and your BABY need access. 

And even better – no wifi connection needed.  Just touch your screen, and off you go!  No muss, no fuss.

Start Now and Start Understanding
Your Little One Today!

Special Price for Website Readers $29.99

-Q: What types of signs are included on these posters?

A: You and your baby will have the opportunity to learn signs related to:

ABCs Poster!

Give your child a headstart on reading! Babies can also fingerspell, did you know that? Our little one SPELLED his first word at age 9 months

Good thing we included an alphabet poster in this kit also for you and your angel! ;-) Get a head start on educating your baby about the world around her!

Motivational Signs Poster 

See what your baby really loves to talk about!

Colors Poster

Does your little one want? His blue shirt or the red shirt?

Bathtime Poster

Bath time fun!


Does Baby want milk? To be nursed? Juice in a sippy cup? Bananas for breakfast? You'll know!  

Survival Signs, Pt 1

These are the basic signs that pretty much every baby first uses, which will help you communicate some important concepts to your baby, such as "Eat", "More", "All Done", "Mommy", "Daddy", etc.

Survival Signs Pt 2

More vital signs such as "hot" "cold" "play" and so on!

Survival Signs Pt 3!

And even more survival signs to help you communicate with your baby!


It's never too early to start teaching your young one how to say "Thank you" and "Sorry"!

Animals Poster

Babies are fascinated with animals.  Teach your baby more about animals, including "Dog" "Cat" "Horse", "Fish" and more!

ORDER this Baby Sign Language Poster Set now and you'll also get 3 bonuses at no extra charge!

Bonus #1:

Baby's First Signs - Journal

  • Every moment of signing with your baby is precious - record these memories in this adorable and educational Baby's First Signs journal

Bonus #2:

Opposites Signing Posters

  • Explore opposites with your child; encourage their curiosity about what is similar and what's different in their world
  • Improve their vocabulary, right up until it's time for kindergarten, using opposite signs

Bonus #3:

Combination Signs Posters

  • Take the next step from single signs into simple sentences with your little one
  • Now your can see your baby or toddler signing "I Want Milk" or "My Stomach Hurts" or "Pet the Dog" -- fully communicating exactly what she wants!

Check Out Our Guarantee

100% Money Back Outrageous Guarantee

Our ironclad guarantee!  If you don't like these, please ask for your money back.  Period.  There is no set number of days to try this. No hassle.  No conditions to follow, just a good old fashioned 100% guarantee.

Love these posters?  Awesome!  Don't like them?  Get a refund.  That simple.

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My daughter reached the age when she would throw temper tantrums often because she often wanted things that I couldn't figure out. She would try so hard to tell me what she wanted, but she couldn't.

I purchased this set of posters because I wanted to teach her how to communicate her needs to me.

Here's a picture I took of her with one of the posters - she LOVES them!

This set of posters really helped my daughter and I learn to communicate with each other. I really liked how the posters were easy to understand and follow.

The posters are the perfect size.

I definitely have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of temper tantrums my daughter has now that she has the ability to communicate her wants and needs to me and other family members.

I feel like now her and I have more time to bond because I spend less time trying to figure out how to calm her down from her tantrums. I would highly recommend these posters to anyone with young children!

Thank you for these!

Becca M.

Hi MJ, my name is Charisse. As an expectant mother and godmother to a child with hearing and speech impediments, I have been searching for learning aids for sign language that were simple enough for children to understand.

I can absolutely say that they [posters] are well worth every penny!!! They are colorful and relevant with simple graphics that adults and children can appreciate.

We gave these to our godson as a present and he loves them. They have helped him communicate in ways that were very difficult for him previously.

When we are working with him, he actively points to the poster and can identify and distinguish between the different signs with ease. He loves when we work with the posters and seems to think it's a game he enjoys it so much!

We incorporate speaking with the signing and he even tries to talk along with us. We also learned quite a bit from them as well, like gestures for diaper-changing and breastfeeding.

There are different posters for different rooms! They are very well thought-out and relevant.

I would highly recommend these [baby sign] posters. They have been an excellent resource for our respective families and could benefit even those who do not have any hearing or speech limitations as they open up a new avenue of communication for us all.

We are planning on using them with our son when he is born and can understand, regardless of his abilities to speak/hear as this has been an invaluable resource for our godson!      -C. N.

I wanted to tell you that we are very happy with our purchase.  I can't believe the guarantee lasts for so many years!

(I laughed when you compared the poster set price to the price of a diaper bag - our baby signing chart set will definitely last much longer than our diaper bag, and teach our kids to communicate LONG BEFORE they are even potty trained!)

After we purchased this poster set with the gift bonuses (thank you!), I realize that I paid much LESS for this product than I have at a few other baby sign language sites

(And for much less quality, dry-to-no facial expressions on the illustrations, limited colors, hard-to-follow 'signs', etc.) 

Our baby LOVES these colors, pictures, they keep her attention, and make her smile!

You asked me what the obstacles were that would have prevented me from buying these baby sign language posters…  Again, honestly, I first doubted in the product working efficiently for my child.

Because we had such a hard time following the other signs from a few other baby signing websites, we expected the same here.

I'm VERY happy to say that we were wrong this time, and my doubts weren’t necessary because the product did wonders with my daughter!  Very glad that we tried once more.

As I said, she LOVES the pictures (of the other babies and toddlers), and even points to the very helpful directional arrows to show ME how to do each sign! 

This was perfect timing because we almost gave up with trying to find a baby sign language program/product that we could clearly understand.

I purchased these posters because I truly wanted my daughter to learn sign language. I heard that it would help with keeping her calm and focused and it most certainly did the trick for us.  Wowow..  :-)

Stella Grace
(You can use my full name, if you wish to print this)

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