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DAY 1: What Is Baby Sign Language? Are There Any Bona Fide Benefits for Babies Who Communicate In Signing?

Welcome to Day 1 of Your Baby Sign Language 5-Day Course!

So let's dig in and start right away!

So FIRST -- What On Earth IS Baby Signing?

Baby signing is a way for you and your baby to communicate years-long before he or she is physically able to speak a word!

Using specific hand movements to represent items and feelings, you and your baby can begin to communicate clearly much earlier, reducing frustration for both of you.

Baby signing has some amazing benefits, have you heard?

Babies have a burning need to tell us their needs and wants but at first lack the ability of vocal chord development and verbal skills.

So just what is baby sign language? Baby signing is a sign language used to communicate with infants and toddlers.

Baby sign language is the gap between communication and the ability to speak, which leads to frustration and tantrums.

Babies' hand and eye coordination develops sooner than their verbal skills.

Babies will begin to learn signs for common words such as "sleep", "hug", "play", "eat", "teddy bear" and "cookie" before they are enabled to produce speech that is understandable.

Baby sign language is used to teach a signed language using handshapes and motions - to babies improving communication skills between the parent/guardian and the child.

Babies learn to identify an item with certain gestures. This helps them to communicate what they are feeling, thinking, wanting and needing.

The Benefits of Babies (and Toddlers) Using A Signed Language:

1. Learning baby sign language helps the development of language skills and reinforces language skills already developed.

2. The speeds of which the infant learns spatial reasoning and early literacy skills are increased.

3. Babies who communicate with sign language are typically happier than the babies who don't.

4. Babies are much less likely to throw temper tantrums.

5. Babies typically develop a higher IQ.

6. Babies communicating their needs and wants helps develop and further social communication skills, boost self-esteem, and emotional skills.

7. Baby signing teaches babies how to start and engage in a conversation!

8. Baby sign language creates feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment. (Awwwww!)

Not only this, but --

Baby sign language is the perfect component in advancing a baby's intelligence and other socializing skills.

Here are some other rewards that are associated with babies who use signing:

1. Larger vocabularies (both in their native language and signing)

2. Advanced mental development

3. Early and fast reduction in tantrums. (Some parents even report zero tantrums!)

4. Parent-child relationships are improved.

5. Increased episodes of visual attention when the parents and babies interact with each other. This is associated with the improvement of language skills.

6. Babies are more focused on the topics and the context of conversation.

7. Increased clarification and discussion of deeper concepts.

Awesome, yes?

And this is just the TIP of the iceberg! Whoo HOO! :-)

Get Ready for Day 2 Tomorrow - "When Should I Start Signing With My Baby?"

It's probably much sooner than you think!

See you tomorrow!

Happy Learning!

Little Hands Express Signing Team