Proud Grandmother of a Darling Baby Signing Grandson

by Maretta

My grandson and I are just learning, but "his" important sign is -- "more".

Everything is more!

The day I realized how important it was for me to learn to sign was after a very long day and all he would "say" was "more"

I touched everything after 20 or so min I asked him "Well, show me what you want more of?! He picked up his Kid Songs Video, took it to the TV and touched them together, then signed "more."

I don't know where he first learned this sign, but I am glad he did and am taking the steps to teach myself!

Thank you for your website. I have printed the pictures, added the words in english plus the translation to our Lakota language.

The day care staff was happy to get this as it helps them with communicating with TokeyaMani, but said it taught them a little about our language!

My darling's current age: 18-20 Months

How long we have been signing: 1-2 Months

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