Sick Baby Tells When She's Tired! Wow, Baby Sign Language!

by Jessica

Abigail walking with Grandma

Abigail walking with Grandma

As the sister of a special ed teacher I've always wanted to teach my children sign language.

I started teaching Abigail, my first, when she was about 8 months old.

She picks things up very quickly so in no time she was telling us when she was hungry, tired,or wanted to play or be cuddled, or wanted more of something.

We also taught her please and thank you; our two most used signs. These signs we all very helpful but I didn't realize just how helpful until one day when she got sick with a cold.

Our doctor recomended some homeopathic medicine which I knew would make her sleepy, but it would also keep her cough away so she could get some much needed rest.

After giving her her first dose of medicine we were playing with some toys when she looked at me and, very seriously, signed that she was tired.

I have never before heard of a thirteen month old letting their parent know that they need a nap! She then told me that she wanted to cuddle with me so we put on a short movie and cuddled on the couch and when the movie was over she took a nap with no fussing or crying.

The signing was invaluable that day. Instead of having a cranky child and not knowing why, she clearly told me what she wanted and I could accomodate her.

If a sick child can use her signs that effectively, I believe that any child could sign. I can't express just how helpful teaching my child to sign has been!

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