How to Sign the word Dog

Babies love the sign for doggie! Using this sign, baby can tell you about a dog she or he is seeing in a book, magazine, out in the yard, or simply if s/he wants to play with your dog!

This sign for dog is a simple sign. You basically tap your leg as if you are calling a dog. You may add the snap at the end, but your baby will most likely tap their own leg (or front thigh) several times in excitement (leaving out the snap part at the end).

Please see photos below. (Although the slideshow displays the signs very slowly, this is just so you may see the sign in it's entirety. Please move hands in a quicker fashion when you get the hang of it!)

Slide show image:

Apple | Ball | Bath | Dog | Drink | Eat | Father | Finish | Full | Help | Hungry | I love you | Milk | More | Mother | Pain/Hurt | Please | Scared/Afraid | Stop | Telephone | Thank you | Water

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