How to Sign the word Help

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The sign for help is an excellent one to know. This not only tells you if baby thinks they are in danger, but can also be a great for your baby asserting his or her independence. For instance, your baby can sign and tell you that help is needed (or wanted) in a specific task, cutting his food, help with picking something up, etc.

What you want to do in signing ‘help’ is this – first begin by placing your hand in a flat handshape, palm facing up wards. This hand should rest slightly in the lower chest, higher abdomen area (and about 2 inches outward from your body).

Then, your dominant hand is going to be in a fist. (Similar to the manual letter ‘a’ or manual letter ‘s’ handshape.) Place the bottom part of your fist onto your palm of the other hand.

Now simply lift your flat hand, as if the palm is helping/lifting the other hand.

The pictures below should help you!

Baby sign language help
sign language for help