How to Sign the words "I Love You"


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This is a great signing phrase to know! Just wait until your baby uses the signs ‘I love you’. You’re gonna know exactly what’s on his mind – you!

Below are two different ways that you can sign ‘I love you’. The first photos will display the exact signs ‘I’ ‘Love’ ‘You’.

The second set of photos display ‘I love you’ using just one hand.

What is the difference? Other than the obvious – one uses a three-word phrase, and the other sign uses one handshape.

If you look closely at the one handshape sign for ‘I love you’, you will notice that the letters ‘I’, ‘L’, and ‘Y’ are displayed within the fingers. (Not familiar? Please see manual alphabet)

Every culture/language sometimes has more than one way to say something. This applies to American Sign Language as well. *smile*

baby sign language i love you

baby sign all i love you

baby signs i love you

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Sign 'I love you' with one hand

baby signing i love you

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