Sign language helps a frusterated toddler with a "high-energy" mom

by Ginna Jones

At 15 months old I knew something was wrong with my son, everyone said it was too early to tell but his dr noted his chart.

On the month of his 2nd birthday I was fed up, he was not verbal, his tantrums were horrible, he would freak out if things touched him and would rarely wear clothes and shoes were the enemy.

I started getting him tested for autism. His Dr calls me the high energy mom because i took matters into my own hands.

Sure enough he came with Autism tendencies and Sensatory intagration disorder.

With those results in hand started him in o/t and speech and social therapy.

Not satisfied enough we have started learning sign off the websites as well. He is still very speech delayed, proudly has about 20 words now, but sign has been our savior.

Knowing the difference between speech and language is very important. He is 29 months old now.

Speech therapists drop off when language development is not delayed more than 25% percent. Which literally is when they can consistently make letter sounds even if not intelligable.

I encourage parents to take matters into their own hands and learn as much as they can.

Sign is a beautiful communication and my son does it so gracefully now, as is so proud of himself.

His smile warms my soul when he can ask for what he wants now. Thanks for this great website!!!

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