Signing since 6 months old...

by Michelle
(Whistler, B.C. Canada)

We started with two simple signs at about 6 months old. The signs were "more" and "all done"

Our girl Jade would watch but not make any effort to do the signs herself. We kept at it showing her
the signs and trying to help her use her hands.

She showed no interest.

I kept at it with a few minimal signs. Then one day at about 14 months old we were at the bus stop and I said "Mommy is hot".

I turned around and she was showing me the sign for hot. I was ecstatic. Then the other day when
she was done her cereal at breakfast I asked if she wanted fruit. Jade responded with the more sign and the showed me the sign for cookie with a chuckle.

Hehe... Once Jade turned a year old and wasn't signing much I was almost ready to give up but now she is signing quite a bit and we are looking for more to teach her. It is fun!

Babies and Sign Team response:
Great story Michelle!!

Thanks for reminding us all not to give up! Babies and Toddlers will sign when they are good and ready, huh? :-)

Happy Signing!

Babies and Sign Team

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