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Signing Time! has a line of twenty baby sign DVDs geared toward teaching babies and toddlers different signs in different situations.

These infant and toddler signing DVDs are already well-known and quite excellent for most parents, child care centers, and pre-schools.

Their baby and toddler sign DVDs have different topics such as:

  • Zoo Signs
  • The ABCs
  • Numbers
  • School
  • Eating Time
  • Beginner Signs (eat, milk, mom, dad, etc)


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With whole signing volumes to choose from, it will make it easier to build on your baby’s vocabulary as she or he grows and starts to experience the world.

The creators of this sign language DVD series are hearing and Deaf cousins. They have won awards, have a community activity schedule, and air times for their show on PBS. Their DVDs teach baby sign language "in a fun and memorable way."

Check these out for sure!

These signing DVDs are advertised as a set: Volume 1 and 2 with two audio CDs. Baby Signing Time will help your baby learn everyday signs with the aid of song and music.

Along with everyday signs, these videos also teach signs for other everyday events such as "Washing Up" and "Going Places." This DVD set was created for babies and youngsters between the ages of 3 and 36 months.

Signing Time! videos can be used as either a sign language learning tool, or they can be used as magnificent reinforcement tool for sign language you and your baby have already learned.

Included are 49 different signs ranging from food to people to activities.

Both DVDs have run times of 30 minutes. (MSRP $20-$40+ for volume sets)

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