Signing With My Toddler

by Melissa
(Sandy, UT)

I am a single mother of two with a 2 year old that has a speech delay.

One of his counselors suggested that I try signing with him to see if it was easier for my son to pick up, and it worked like a charm!

There are less tantrums and my son is less frustrated with day to day life because he can tell me what he wants.

Response from Babies and Sign Team

Hi Melissa!

We are so happy to hear about your success using Sign Language with your lucky toddler. We also think it's terrific that one of your child's counselors recommended Baby Sign Language for your child to better communicate with you.

Just think how many happier families would be out there if all or most child care professionals would recommend the same to other parents!

Also, your discoveries on learning that your little one's tantrums have significantly been reduced is a very common story among those who use Sign Language with their toddlers. This also applies to children with speech delays and children who have special needs.

Thank you again so much for sharing, and we wish you all of the best with your child and your communication!

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