Sing Language for Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?

by Elizabeth

Dear mama signs,

How do I teach my preschoolers to sign twinkle, twinkle little star when they are just beginning to learn sign language?

They know their signs for the alphabet letters and that's all. Any simple version of twinkle, twinkle little star in sign language for very new beginners?



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Teaching preschoolers to Sign Songs
by: Mama Signs!

Hi Elizabeth!

What a fun song to teach and learn!
For a song like this, it's most important to focus on the actual concepts of this song.

For instance, 'twinkle' means to shine. So you'd sign "shine, shine, little star"!

As these new signing children only know the alphabet for now, you can start by teaching them some of the individual signs for the words/concepts to this specific song.

Stay tuned, please! I will get an easy written version up on this baby signing site as soon as I can, and once the snow has melted, will make a video of this song just for you and your preschoolers!

We do have more baby sign glossary terms added on the glossary page, and other free baby sign dictionary resources.

Please see for more signs as well!

Will send you an e-mail (if you provided it) as soon as the new page is ready for you! You can also join our RSS feed and be instantly notified (without using e-mail!) when new updates are posted here!

Looking forward to getting a new page ready for you and your class!

Until then, Happy Holidays!



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