Imagine running a thriving baby sign language class, packed full of parents paying you to teach them this wonderful skill...even if...


You have no money to advertise at the moment...


Picture of book called ten free ways to promote your baby sign language businessDear fellow baby sign language teacher,

Did you know that some of the most powerful ways to advertise and grow your baby sign language classes are completely free?

Or that these methods are being used by less than 1% of teachers out there because they simply don’t know about them?

Well I’ve got some good news for you...

I would love to share some of these methods with you right now.

With this new found knowledge you will be able to grow the numbers of people in your baby sign language classes and start taking in some real money without having to spend a dime.

Soon you will be seeing classes packed to capacity with paying parents, waiting for you to help them communicate with their Baby.

My name is MJ and I make a great living today from teaching baby sign language classes these days.

It was not always like this...


I struggled to make this business work and at times I felt like giving up...


After graduating in American Sign Language linguistics and seeing the profound affect that signing had when I had my own baby, I made a life changing decision.

I wanted to get out there and share what I had learned with other parents.

I wanted to spread the word about this wonderful communication tool.

There was only one problem.

I was a sign language expert but I knew nothing about marketing.


The advertising methods I was trying were only bringing in a trickle of people


And it wasn’t long before my advertising budget was blown and I didn’t have the class numbers to make the rent on the room I was using.

With my back against the wall and with no money left to spend on advertising...

I was forced to take a different direction to make this business work.

I was forced to look for free methods to advertise that would give me the results I needed.

After many months of trial and error and literally hundreds of hours of experimentation and research I discovered something wonderful.


I found ten methods of advertising that not only get great results but are free of charge...


Picture of ebook 10 free ways to promote your baby signing businessThese ten advertising methods literally transformed my business and I started seeing serious amounts of people in my classes that were paying me handsomely for my knowledge.

Today I have a number thriving classes that bring in multiple streams of income that I use to support myself and my family and the income also provides more than enough cash for a number holidays and other treats throughout the year.

To this day I can say that I have never lost the passion that I feel for sharing baby sign language techniques with other people and I believe there are not enough teachers around to spread the word about this wonderful art.

That is why I decided to put together my special guide...


“10 free ways to promote your baby sign language business”


Inside this special guide you will get the low down on the exact free advertising methods that I used to transform my failing business into a thriving, profitable one that looks after me and my family today.

The guide comes in an instantly downloadable format as an easy to follow ebook...


Picture of guarantee seal - 100% satisfaction guarantee


Here’s a sneak peak at what you will be getting inside...

  • 10 of the easiest proven ways to make your baby sign language business work today.
  • How to get free advertising from the website search engines saving you a fortune.
  • How to use press releases to bring in paying customers that will put cash in your pocket.
  • A simple trick to getting free advertising from newspapers without costing you a dime.
  • Access to the biggest free online advertising site that most of your peers are not using.
  • How to harness the power of video to get the word out about your business online.
  • My simple video creation trick that gets you noticed and puts money in your pocket at the same time.
  • How writing a simple article can skyrocket your client numbers.
  • A little known website where you can get massive exposure for your business for free.
  • The one thing you Must do when posting fleers offline to maximise your response rate and your investment.
  • How to make all of this work even if you don’t have a website at the moment.
  • Online advertising tips that will make using the internet to promote your business incredible easy.
  • How to use Facebook the free and easy way to promote yourself online for more paying customers.
  • 10 of the easiest proven ways to make your baby sign language business work.
  • How to get clients for free in the right neighbourhood so you don’t have the hassle of travelling.


Save yourself a ton of time and money with these easy to follow proven techniques


Success in any business is all about focussing on becoming the best that you can in your chosen field.

If you want to make money teaching baby sign language you need to focus on becoming the best that you can in this area.

You do not want to be wasting time and money trying out figure out Google ad words or where the best place to advertise online or offline is.


Get your hands on proven advertising methods that generate paying customers


A famous advertising advertising Guru once said that half of all advertising works. I just wish I knew which half.

With this simple guide you will get access to the advertising that it proven to work for this niche.

No painstaking research or split testing ads.

You get your hands on the secret strategies that bring in the responses and the customers you need to make money in this business.


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“10 free ways to promote your baby sign language business”


It was really good. Very updated in today's society. I was impressed with the material. Great Variety in advertising. I liked how you included Facebook.

Thanks again for the information.


Angela Helvey

Hi MJ,

Really enjoying the ebook  - thank you!

Lane Rebelo, LCSW


This guide will pay for itself by this time next week


This guide will pay for itself in two ways.

You will first of all be saving time and money on experimenting with different ads and gambling on getting a result with “hit and hope marketing”.

You will also be growing your business and your profits from the laser targeted free advertising techniques that are discussed inside.

Considering this guide can potentially save you thousands of dollars on wasted advertising efforts and make you thousands of dollars in revenue from bigger classes I was advised to price it around the $75 mark at a minimum.


Like I said before though,

I am passionate about the people getting to spread the word about baby sign language and I know if you’re reading this that your budget is more than likely a little tight at the moment.

It is for these reasons that I have decided to price this guide at $9.99 so nobody is excluded from knowing the powerful free advertising strategies inside.

This special price of $9.99 is available for the first 30 people to download this guide.


After that I have to consider either increasing the price or taking this page down

Simply click the “add to cart button” below and you will be taken directly to a payment page.

After you enter your details you will be taken to a download page where you will be given instant access to the guide.

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I want to make the decision to get

“10 free ways to promote your baby sign language business” a risk free choice for you.

So I want you to download the guide right now, implement the free advertising methods and watch your class numbers and profits soar in the next two months.

If for any reason at any time in the next year, you don’t like the information inside the guide, or you feel it has not worked to improve your business  I will refund you every penny.

No questions asked.


It’s time to take your teaching to next level


Right now you have two choices. You can go out there and try to figure everything out for yourself and continue to struggle to fill your classes up and make money or you can do things the easy and free way.

Download this easy to follow guide now and start making some serious money from your baby sign teaching business without having to shell out a penny on advertising.


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Ps- This guide is only available at the special low price of $9.99 for the first 30 people to sign up. After that I will have to raise the price to protect its true value. It's regularly

PPs-this guide is 100% guaranteed and risk free. If you don’t like it or you feel it has not work for you, you get all your money back. Guaranteed...