Special Educational Need-Special Signers


Special Signers is a new program offering for special needs students in private sign language lessons for hearing children with spoken language barriers. The curriculum consists of 12 lessons, covering a wide range of topics, introducing over 300 signed terms/phrases. These lessons are individually tailored to the child's needs and capabilities.  

Child Special Needs

Special Signers is offering a unique service to what has traditionally been provided for a child with special needs. As someone who is 100% fluent in American Sign Language, in conjunction with being an experienced special educator, my skill set is unique and valuable. The ideal student for me to work with would be a child who is essentially non-verbal. In this scenario, exposure to sign language triggers the language center of the brain allowing communication to blossom. For this to be truly natural and successful, I believe sign language must be introduced in its entirety - as a complete, holistic, and accurate language.

Special Needs Lesson Plans

Special Signers lessons are signed from start to finish. This can help with the special needs children education. Everything I voice, is simultaneously signed. After over a decade of signing and interpreting, my comfort with American Sign Language is natural and fluid. The children and parents are able to truly see sign language "in action," as its use is intended. One of my students, who is completely non-verbal, has become so adept with signing that her teachers are considering asking for an interpreter to be placed in her classroom. This is remarkable to me, as for the first time in her life, her communication skills are exploding!


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