Still waiting...(For My Baby To Use Sign Language)

by Paula
(Annapolis, md USA )

We got the Baby Signing Time videos for our daughter as a gift when she was a month old and I've been doing videos, flash cards and signs ever since . I know quite a few signs (over 200) and sign all the time.

I try to Emphasize the basic, useful ones but my baby is 10 months now and all she will sign is 'eat' and she seems to get angry when I try to make her sign anything else. She whines and rubs her eyes! After all this time, wouldn't she have picked up something?

Response from the Baby Signing Team

Hi Paula!

Sometimes it can be pretty frustrating! It sounds like you might be trying to use too many signs with your baby all at once. Here are some tips for you:

Focus on just a few signs for things she is definitely interested in. Rather than focusing on all kinds of signs for your baby (at least to start), start by focusing on what has worked so far: food! Start by picking one or two specific foods that your baby really loves and use that sign anytime your little one eats that.

Notice what your baby loves and find signs for those things first!

You can see more food signs (and more!) on this page:

Hope this helps you!

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