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Interview with My Smart Hands Owner, Laura Berg


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Wondering how to teach your baby sign language with excellent signing lessons for less than the typical market price? We recently had the grand privilege of talking with Mrs. Laura Berg of My Smart Hands in Toronto, Canada about just this very topic!

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Mrs. Berg has created excellent baby signing tutorials for parents and teachers just like you! We have found these videos to be quite helpful, intuitive, friendly, and straight to the point. (Check her customer reviews! Wow!)

Here is an excerpt of our interview below:picture of baby doing sign language, baby sign picture, baby sign pictures, toddler signing picture

Little Hands Express: Hi Mrs. Berg, can you please tell us about your new videos? I see that they are steadily rated at 5 stars already!

Mrs. Berg of My Smart Hands: These are short, yet informative 15-minute baby signing videos to get you started on signs with your infant, baby or toddler. They are very easy to follow and great for memory aids. This is great I think for people who may not be able to afford a baby sign language class, a $40 book, or DVD.

Little Hands Express: Wow! This is wonderful! Can you tell our
visitors how much these videos cost to view?

Mrs. Berg of My Smart Hands: These videos are less than $2 each, and once you purchase, you keep them forever. Because they are hosted online, you can view the video(s) immediately. No waiting for the mail carrier! :-)

Little Hands Express: True! Mrs. Berg, can you please tell us in which style of signs your videos are based upon?

Mrs. Berg of My Smart Hands: Certainly! Our video baby signs are the same as American Sign Language, or ASL. This is the same signed language accepted by the Deaf community within the U.S. and Canada.

Little Hands Express: This is wonderful to know! We support using ASL (or country specific official signed languages) as well for several reasons as you know:

  • Baby can communicate with other babies

  • Baby can communicate easily at other daycares (should you move to another city)

  • Baby can easily and quickly communicate with other baby signers.

  • And remember - instant communication with over 1 million
    of our Deaf population!

Oops, so back to you! :-)

Little Hands Express: What videos have you produced so far for parents wanting to learn sign language with their babies and toddlers?

Mrs. Berg: So far, we have produced "How to Sign With Your Baby", "Baby Signing – Food and Meal Signs", "Baby Signing – Animal Signs", and "Learning the Fingerspelling Alphabet".

There will be more coming up soon!

Little Hands Express: Thank you very much for your time, Mrs. Laura Berg! We love your videos and wish you the best in your successes!

Mrs. Berg: Thank you very much, MJ! :-)

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More highlights on My Smart Hands Online Baby Sign Videos:

  • These terrific online baby signing videos range in length from 14 minutes to 18 minutes.
  • Currently $1.99 each (right now you receive two credits for the price of one so they are presently .99 cents but will usually cost $1.99).
  • Right now, the method of payment is VISA or MasterCard, while PayPal is also currently in the process of being readied.

These baby sign videos are accessible in options below:

These videos are easily and immediately downloadable.

  • You can download these videos to your computer or iPod and watch it on the go!
  • You can watch the videos as many times as you want.
  • Once you buy the baby sign video(s) you own them.

These videos are easily and immediately streamable!

  • You don't even have to download them - just go right to the online sign language website and watch them instantly on your screen again and again!

Do you want to learn baby sign language right now?

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Have fun, enjoy, and let us know how you like the videos!

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