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Top 3 Signs to Start With

Becoming and being a parent is one of the most exciting things ever. Together you and your bundle of joy will learn all about the world and all it has to offer.You can even get started learning and talking about this amazing world together a full 2 years earlier than most babies and parents get to do!

You will see things in a whole new light as you teach your baby all you can. It can be a magical experience to see your baby learn about everything as he or she sees things for the very first time. All it takes is beginning with a few simple words and signs.

You'll want to start with some basic signs to get you and your little one on the road to discovery!

It's good to start with just a few little signs at first. Three signs oughta do it!

The top three signs that you should start with are; more, milk and eat. (With the word 'finish' running a close fourth!)

See below:

These are the easiest and the most effective signs to start with, as they will be the most common things that your little one typically will want to communicate to you at this early age.

Do not worry if your baby seems to be taking longer to get the hang of it as each child learns at their own pace, some starting early on with things where others may just want to take their time and enjoy the learning process.

It is a good rule of thumb to get in the habit of using the signs that you want your baby to learn as much as you can.

If you want to teach your little one the sign for 'more' then you may want to try doing this when you sit down for a snack.

Give your baby just a little bit of the snack, drink or bottle at a time. Then when your little one starts to fidget, wanting more, repeat the word-sign 'more', and make the sign for 'more' with your hands then help your baby make the sign with his or her hands.

Be patient, as you will need to do this over and over again - at first! You will find that your little one will start to try to make the sign on his to let you know that more of the snack (or said item) is wanted! Yayyy!   :-)

Praise Your Baby!

Whoo HOO! Your baby just made a sign! When this happens, be sure to let your baby know that you are excited and very pleased with what they did and of course, give them more of what they asked for.

We have lots of ways to praise and encourage baby, and will show you more in just a few days of your course!

Stay tuned for more about this! 

Until then, build more on your baby's speaking and signing vocabulary with these awesome vocabulary sheets:

Have fun!  And as always:  Happy Signing!

Stay tuned for Day 5 coming up tomorrow!

Wishing you all the best.

MJ and Little Hands Express Team

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We'd love to hear how these signing vocab sheets and charts help you and your little one!