Unbelievable Story - Baby Sign Language

by Debi Roberts
(Arlington, Tx USA)

I am adopting a little girl from Russia, so she doesn't even speak English yet. I will be traveling soon for our court date and bring her home. You won't believe this story.

This precious angel is already 3 1/2 yrs old and has the developmental speech level of a little less than an 18 mos old.

On day two of my visit with this little one in her baby house, I used several signs to communicate with her.

She was born with clubbed feet, arthrogryposis and doesnt walk. She has learned adaptive ways to "crawl" and move about. So she really enjoys sitting in a chair at the little table to play.

The one sign I used repeatedly, modeled, and showed her was "sit". In that one session she watched me so closely.

The next morning, in the middle of our second 3 hour session, little Delaney motioned for the chair, then spontaneously brought her fingers together and signed "sit"....

I was in disbelief! And very elated! I quickly said the word (English) and put her gently in the chair, and signed "sit" and smiled at her.

This little angel has had a very difficult beginning and only speaks 4 words. You can imagine what I will be doing once we get home! I should be travelling back to Russia in about 3 weeks, and we are definitely going to be learning baby sign as we teach her the beginnings of speech sounds.

Needless to say, this story brings tears to many eyes as it is told. I will be looking for tools to enhance both visually and the proper recognizable signs that my entire family can learn. And it is all true.

Babies and Sign Language Team say:

Debi, what a beautiful and inspiring story! It is completely and delightfully true that baby signing does wonders for babies, toddlers, and preschool children who are adopted; in the process of adoption; or have been recently adopted.

Another amazing benefit of babies learning sign language - is no matter what country we take up residence - the communication boost for our darlings is joyfully the same everywhere!

We wish you the best on your adoption process, and send you warm, happy, signing vibes for your newest little Delaney and family.

Thank you again for sharing such an amazing baby signing story!!

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