Using Baby Sign Language to Overcome Boundaries Caused by Stroke

by Jessica Schutte
(Gurley, AL)

My soon to be three year old daughter had a prenatal stroke and was diagnosed at 6 months old as having cerebral palsy.

After 2 years of not talking the dr's have told us she will be lucky to say ten words. Her father and I then proceeded to start teaching her sign language.

We've only been using it for 3 weeks but she already knows how to sign the words: eat, drink, mommy, dog, daddy, sleep, cold, and we have even made up individual signs for people like nana, papa, her brother, and the family dog.

She has definitely improved leaps and bounds in just 3 weeks. It's so amazing to watch her talk now and know that she's going to be alright. I highly recommend this to all parents even if your child does not have a delay.

Do not limit your child's potential of learning for fear of the unknown, you'll never know the joys you'll be missing.

-Parent of a soon to be 3 yr old stroke survivor

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