Will Being at Daycare Hinder Learning Baby Sign Language?

by Lilian

Hi there! I have already introduced her a few signs such as milk, mum, dog, etc..but she is about to spend a couple of hours at a day care every day...they don't use signs there....is that bad for the process of learning? I mean, will school get lost? Thx

Response from Baby Sign Team:

Hi Lilian, that's terrific that your little one can sign already! You could definitely tell the daycare that if they see her sign any of these, that it's what she's conveying.

If they are more interested, you can give them a poster to use for their entire daycare. If they are not for it, then I'd not worry, as it's for a few hours.

But if it's a reputable daycare, they will WANT to promote communication amongst children and babies they work with on a regular basis.

And, no it's not a bad process or anything negative like that at all. A few hours there w/o signs should be fine.

But again, if they want to do all they can for parents and their children, they'll most likely be interested in this concept.

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Hope this helps you!

Happy Signing!

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