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Too Cute for Words

Baby Signing 101 Workshop

Are you a busy mom, dad, grandparent, educator or caregiver? Have no time to spare? Don't have a sitter for your baby? Then Baby Signing 101 is for YOU!

Hear a brief history of baby sign language, learn tips and techniques, 50 common signs, activities to promote verbal language, simple games and get a baby signing dictionary! Geared toward adults but babies welcome (preferably non-walkers).
Baby Signing Parties

Get a group of your friends together at your house and we will bring the Baby Signing 101 workshop to you.

Free Intro to Baby Sign Language Demos/Seminars

Learn what baby sign language is all about and how you and your hearing baby can benefit from this amazing form of early communication.

Allison Bouffard
Stratford, CT, 06614

American School for the Deaf (Pre-K to 6th Grade available) Dr. Harvey Corson
139 North Main Street
West Hartford, CT 06107
860-570-2300 (V)
860-570-2222 (T)
860-570-2301 (F) or

Bolton, CT

Dawn Love, M.A., M.Ed., L.P.C; Educational Consultant
Bolton, CT

Molly and Justin Henry
Sign Language Interpreter & Certified Teacher
Fairfield County, CT

Little Signers
AnnMarie Anderson, Certified Sign Language Interpreter
Fairfield, CT

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