Telling Baby no to What She is Asking For In Baby Signing

by Sara

I had this same problem with my now 4 year old son. Let's say he was signing hungry or thirsty when I was putting him to bed.

I would sign/say no food (or drink) back to him then sign/say time for bed/sleep.

If he was asking for something he wasn't allowed to have by using the help or more sign I would sign/say no then direct his attention to something he could have and sign/say play to him while giving him the object he could have.

When he got frustrated I would sign/say sorry and no.

Kids often want and ask for (either verbally or through sign language) things they cannot have/do.

Telling them no doesn't discourage them from asking (even though sometimes I wish it did :)as long as you are communicating no instead of just ignoring them they know they have been heard and understood even if they cannot have what they want.

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