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Thank you very much for your interest in advertising with us here on our baby signing website.

We are not currently accepting advertising offers for the site. We hope to reopen advertising applications for late 2016. Thanks for your patience!

This Babies and Sign Language Website is the top baby sign language resource for parents, teachers, and various types of childcare staff settings.

Currently, this website receives over 60,000+ visitors per month and close to 200,000 page views (or impressions) per month.

We rank at the first page of Google for the phrase "baby sign language", as well as top search results ranking #1 at Google, Yahoo, and Bing for thousands of other baby signing related keyword terms.

When you advertise with us, you will find that we offer exposure to a highly focused and targeted audience.

Have a look at your advertising choices below:

Top Advertising Options - Babies and Sign Language Website


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1. For Baby Signing Class Instructors ONLY  

Who does this advertising opportunity belong to?

Any individual teaching Baby Sign Language classes.  Please note that if you have any additional (other than yourself) instructors in your program, these such organizations or businesses will advertise in the Category, below.  

A.  Alphabetical, and by state standard listing(s) - $49 per year  

Listing includes your baby signing class info as follows:

  • Name of Your Business
  • Contact Person
  • Details About Your Business, Classes, and Discounts:
  • Business PhoneAddressEmail
  • Website address (don't have a website? Want one?)

Please limit ad to 100 words or less  

Click here to Purchase a standard Baby Sign Language Classes listing  

* With purchase of this standard listing, please accept our "Baby Sign Language Business Advertising Guide" FREE!  This terrific guide to getting your clients and participants to your Baby Sign Language Classes is regularly priced at $15

B. Home Page Advertising - $5000

This is the most visible page of the entire Babies and Sign Language Website!

Ad is placed 'above the fold', near the top of the baby sign language home page, where more than 200,000 pairs of excited eyes view every day!

C. Newsletter Blast - 26,000 Subscribers

Sent out to over 26K (this number grows by approximately 200 - 250 new subscribers per week) baby signers, parents, expecting-parents-to-be, educators, etc

Most are moms / females.

Sponsor Ads in Babies and Sign Language eZine/Newsletter Options


1. Top of Newsletter page - $400 per blast

  i. First sponsored ad is placed under Table of Contents in the Babies and Sign Language newsletter

   ii. A full six months of sponsored advertising at the top of this baby signing ezine is discounted at $1200

2.  Middle of Newsletter - $250 per blast

   i.  This sponsored ad is placed under third topic of the baby signing e-zine/newsletter

   ii.  A full six months of sponsored advertising in the middle of this baby sign language ezine is discounted at $1800

* Only two Sponsored ad spots are available per newsletter blast, then waiting list

3. Classified Ads section - $100 per blast

i. Classified Ads are placed at the bottom of the Babies and Sign Language newsletter and are placed in the order of payment submitted

ii. A full six months of a classified listing at the babies and signing newsletter is discounted at $500

Please note:

* Ads submitted are to be 25 words or less, including a link to your website - which counts as one word only. Please note that if your link is over 30 characters, a 'tiny url' may be used instead.

* Only two Sponsored ad spots are available per newsletter blast, then waiting list

* Only 5 Classified ad spots are available per newsletter blast, then waiting list

D. Site-wide Sponsors Listed in every Footer section*

Link viewable from all pages, via footer area of Babies and Sign Website - If a page has a total of 5 Site-wide Sponsor Ads, additional requests will be placed on a waiting list.

We look forward to working with you! Sincerely - Baby Signing Team

*Your website link is rendered clickable, which will be shown via your URL in typical word font, blue in color, as well as with a blue (or purple) underline. Link is coded using rel=nofollow html. Please note - we do not sell links. If any one promises you a link to be posted on this site for payment, then they are trying to take your money.  Please let us know if this happens to you so that we may report them to the appropriate authorities.  Thank you! 

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