Baby Signing with My new Infant - Keep up the good work!!!

by Renate

I currently live in Montreal and have heard long before moving to Canada and having a baby about BabySignLanguage.

Even than I imagined to baby sign but never knew how to do it.

So when my baby girl, named Anjuli, was born last September I was so excited but with all the stress that comes with a baby never even looked it up on the internet.

Than one day I heard an interview on an online radio about "My Smart Hands" and immediately I had the tools to teach Anjuli ASL.

So now I often look the signs up on the web site and on Facebook. Keep up the good work, guys!!!

I started when she was 9 months old because that was when I heard the interview.

Since than Anjuli now 11.5 months old has signed dog, bird, milk and understands ball, drink, no, eat,... I love learning it myself and teaching it to my darling girl.

I even think about learning it all the way to be able to talk to people although I don't know any Deaf people.

I speak to my girl Hungarian and my husband German. So that is a great way for us to make her understand that one thing is called differently by her Momy or Dady.

Anjuli talks also already she says a couple of words in Hungarian like ball (labda), doll (baba), no (nem) even in German no (nein).

It is great to see her developement.

Anjuli will go to daycare soon and I am positive that sign language will help her with English and French there too.

Bye Renate

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baby sign language instructor
by: Karen Gutrath

I am not sure when this message was posted, but I became a baby sign language instructor last year through Signing Time.

I live in the greater Montreal area. It is an excellent program that is fun and signing is made easy through songs.

I also love the positive parenting messages. The series covers everything from sleep routine, potty training, emotions, colours, outside signs, animals, clothing, food, etc, etc.

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